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Welcome to a brand new project of mine: The #GrowNOW Misconception Series. I think this is something my readers will truly enjoy. I hope it helps to spark a new train of thought and way of thinking. That is my only goal: to make you THINK. Make at least one person say,”Hmmm, I never thought of it that way.” 

One thing that I feel is quite evident is that we all live in a new world. We are different people today than we were a decade ago. Why? Because as people, we attain and consume information in ways that were never possible before. We also express ourselves in ways and interpret others in new and diverse ways. 
Yes. We need to look at life today for what it really is. 
We live in “the Information Age.” The Internet, smart phones, and social media has changed us. We use all three of those things multiple times on a daily basis, 365 days a year. So when you use anything that much and that often, it is going to have a major impact on your life.
Most people have their smart phones with them by their side 24 hours a day,. Always in their pocket, always on the night stand next to them while they sleep. Pretty amazing when you think about it. Can you think of any other personal item that people need to bring with them everywhere they go? To work, to the bathroom, to the gym, to church, for a walk down the street. 
But it is mostly how we specifically use these phones that has changed us. Because these phones are by our side 24/7, and they have direct access to the Internet, information has become readily available at our fingertips. Never before in human history has this been possible. Any question you have, directions, statistics, lists of people, lists of places, can be known in an instant. 
Social media has also changed us and how we interact with one another. Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, people now have a platform to let thousands of people know what they are doing and how they feel in an instant. If I wanted to, I could take 5 minutes right now to check facebook and I can tell you what 10 different people are doing with their lives. And in reality, I have not seen or spoken to those people in over 10 years. 
Because of social media, people feel like they have the opportunity to be more opinionated, and they have more avenues to speak their mind. 
This new reality has changed the way we live and interact with others. But most importantly, it has changed the way we THINK.
And if you have read my blog or any other self-help motivation material, you will know that the MIND is everything! 
The way we think drives our actions, beliefs, emotions, and happiness. 
Without a positive mind, it is impossible to achieve true happiness and success. 
This new consumption of information has caused us to believe certain things that I simply believe are NOT true. These are FALSE MISCONCEPTIONS. Things that we believe are true, and we act as if they are definite truths. 

In the GrowNOW Misconception Series, I will be discussing a group of items that I believe we need to start paying attention to, and more importantly, start thinking differently about. 

Viewing these items differently can lead to a brand new way of thinking and approaching to life. 

In Part 1, I will be discussing how there are NO “smart” people and there are NO “dumb” people. 

Sounds a little silly right? That’s because you have been trained to think a certain way. 

Well…I believe it is a simple MISCONCEPTION. 

Think differently and GrowNOW.

Stay tuned….