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Michael McLeod, worked with my 12 year-old son for over a year.  When our son first met Mike, it was after a difficult year of losses and changes.  Our son was somewhat resistant to participating in the group activities.  From the first day, Mike was engaging and encouraging with him.  He was gentle, fun and supportive, and as the time unfolded, he helped my son to engage more with his peers and participate in a myriad activities.  He was unfailingly optimistic, and his charismatic, upbeat quality facilitated a wonderful environment in which our son was able to grow and change. 

Mike was always punctual, polite, and thoughtful about supporting my son’s different educational, social and emotional needs.  He helped our son on a variety of levels, and he still considers Mike to be the best adult “counselor” he has ever had.  

I would recommend Michael McLeod for any coaching or therapeutic position.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions regarding this fine individual. 

Michael McLeod was recommended by a long time friend to work with my 22 year old son. Since the age of four and a half, we have been involved in the community of parents and children with special needs, and through many years of psychiatry no one has touched the core of my son’s issues like Michael. Although he has been working with my son for only 3 to 4  months, he has been instrumental in transforming his attitude from relentless negativity to one more thoughtful and optimistic.

He filled a very important need for him since he feels himself to be different and alone.

Michael makes himself very available to my son.. taking his phone calls in moments of stress, which are many, and  is able to reset his thought process with a mixture of cognitive logic and cheerleading. 

In my experience Michael’s mentoring approach has given my son increasing self confidence, where before there was for the most part, self loathing and bitterness.

I would unequivocally recommend Michael to any parent of a struggling youngster. Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions,

-Alex Z.
When I met Michael McLeod, I was impressed with his positive and outgoing personality.  He was always looking to help wherever it was needed and he outshone the other counselors on staff.  We all liked him so much that he became a mentor for our two children, and every time he came over, they never wanted him to leave. 
Mike is responsible, fun-loving and engaged.  He speaks to children in a way that shows that he is interested in what they have to say, and makes them feel heard.  He is just as adept in speaking to other adults and peers – respectful and attentive.  Mike is a pleasure to be around. 
I wholeheartedly recommend Michael McLeod in any teaching, coaching or therapeutic capacity. He is highly qualified and is an asset to any program. 
-Jennifer U. 

“So inspiring! I recommend GrowNOW and Michael for anyone that wants to bring out the best in themselves!”

-Meghan H.

Michael’s insight on our struggles and how to effectively set them aside to accomplish growth is both logical and inspired. So glad to have met you!  

-Ben ________________________________________________________________

“Michael can help anybody! His motivational words make complete sense, and he speaks from the heart. Joining the GrowNOW Movement was the best thing I ever did!”

– Annie

“My 14-year old daughter and I have benefited so much from Michael. He has gained some new followers. We love his work!”


“Mike took the time to get to know me. It was great how he knew so much about my interests and also the personal experiences I have been through. The advice he gave me changed my life. I know what is important now, and I rarely have any negative experiences anymore.”

– Justin 

We have known Michael McLeod for approximately 8 months. He provided speech services to our son who’s currently in the 7th grade. Our son, struggled with comprehending what he was reading. Not only that, he was flawed in areas of vocabulary and writing. Michael completed his initial assessment and identified his strengths, weaknesses, and areas that he needed to hone in on to have better success overall.
The rapport between my son and Michael was built fast which was due to Michael’s personable approach. The approach that he takes is one that shows he genuinely cares for our son and wants him to grow. Through my observation, Michael was able to connect with him by referencing the subjects (i.e. sports) that our son likes with some of the topics he covered during the visits. Although he only had had 30-45 minute sessions with him, he has helped my son to excel! I highly recommend that you give him an opportunity. I have great faith in him to provide quality services to whomever he chooses to work with in his future endeavors.

-Mother of client

Mike McLeod worked with my five year old son weekly with sound articulation.  Mike worked with him to gain his trust and cooperation, and within weeks Mike was able to make significant improvements in his pronunciation.   Mike’s approach to teaching is fun and engaging.

– Parent

ALL of the students love Michael and I couldn’t ask for a better Speech Therapist for my school!

– School Principal


There are few people in the world that dedicate themselves to bettering others. Mike not only cares for the well being of others, he takes every new experience he encounters as a new way to not just help one in need, but to learn something for later practical application. His genuine and one of a kind approach to a problem differs from impersonal methods use by most, which is why he gets results!”

– Chris F.